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Stephen J. Smith


Stephen J. Smith was born in a sanitorium in Illinois (yes, really) but soon moved north to the beautiful Dairyland State of Wisconsin, where he was raised in Waukesha (“wa-keh-sha”), once famous for its natural springs and now famous for being the hometown of Stephen J. Smith. Drawn to tales of adventure, fantasy, science fiction and the supernatural from a very young age, he read voraciously, disappearing into alien landscapes and tales of suspense. Comic books soon followed, providing the boy with what was obviously his life's direction, and he began training for the inevitable emergence of his latent superpowers. He never did learn to fly, but it wasn’t long before he discovered he had the best superpower of all: The ability to create worlds of his own.

Smith studied art and animation at the University of Wisconsin – Madison for two years before an elective creative writing class veered him into the world of words. With the support of his instructor, he managed to publish the second short story he ever wrote. By the time he earned his BA in English with a creative writing emphasis, his first collection of short stories was winning awards and he’d penned his first novel. 

Driven by his love of writing combined with the visual arts, Smith embarked on a quest to Los Angeles to learn the medium that incorporated both: Screenwriting. For the next eight years, he wrote copy for DVD and Blu-ray packaging, booklets and marketing materials for such studio giants as MGM, New Line, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. and Lionsgate. At the same time, he graduated UCLA's Professional Program in Screenwriting and burned the midnight oil writing screenplays, attending writers’ groups and placing very well in a host of contests, including multiple finalist rankings. He eventually joined the Writers' Boot Camp program in Santa Monica and there, connected with Matt Leslie.

Smith now travels between LA and Waukesha with his wife, along with their daughter and son... both of whom he’s training to be superheroes.

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Genre: Religious fantasy

Sent to Earth as part of a secret force to protect the newborn Christ, the angel Sabrael and six of his brothers soon discover the fallen are searching for a lost gateway that leads directly into Heaven. Knowing the damned intend to use it to bypass Heaven's fortified walls, the angels embark on a race to find and destroy the portal, leading them to a massive battle between the forces of Heaven and Hell for the throne of creation and the fate of the souls of all mankind.

"An enthralling piece of fiction" (Cheryl E. Rodriguez, Readers' Favorite Reviews), The Sabrael Confession is the action-packed account of one angel's experiences in a war spanning millennia, using real historical detail to put the reader into the thick of ancient cities and civilizations, tracking Sabrael as he masquerades as a human from the dusty walkways of first-century Jerusalem through the forests of tribal Europe and Chichén Itzá to the streets of modern day. Featuring pulse-pounding battles and shedding light on details behind Biblical events from the perspective of a character who witnessed them firsthand, Sabrael's story "catapults you through time, leaving a lasting, reverential impression, to wonder what is battling just beyond our human realm" (Cheryl E. Rodriguez, Readers' Favorite Reviews).

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