Scripted Series


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1981 - Portland, OR

It's the absolute height of the arcade phenomenon. An unknown game called POLYBIUS begins popping up in local arcades, hand delivered by mysterious men in black suits. CIA-types. It draws the longest lines. By far. Gamers who play it can’t stop. They begin suffering from nausea, severe anxiety, horrific nightmares and seizures. Many feel unable to control their own thoughts, some even attempting suicide. Witnesses report that POLYBIUS arcade machines are frequently serviced by the men in black suits who open the machines, record their data, and leave with no interest in their coins.

But soon after its mysterious appearance, the game vanishes without warning, taken away by the men in black suits, and leaving no record of its existence. Ties to a Cold War-era, CIA mind control program called MKULTRA are suspected, but never proven.

Inspired by this bone-chilling Cold War-era urban legend, POLYBIUS is an hour-long sci-fi/thriller series about a teenage gamer whose inoperable brain tumor makes him immune to the effects of a mysterious new VR video game that reprograms the minds of its players, as well as a pair of FBI agents investigating the connection between the disappearances and deaths of over a dozen teens nationwide, all of whom ultimately uncover the terrifying fact that a distant alien species is invading by taking over our planet one mind at a time, and they may be humanity’s only hope of stopping it.